TRX (Total-body Resistence Exercises)

     It is a unique exercise program created by the U.S. Navy as an effective form ofexercise training outside the baseTRX is a training tool suitable for maximumapplication of the rules of functional training in sports centersbut especially outsidein all outdoor activities.

  This is a new effective way to exercise and strengthen the body using the TRXSuspension system. It consists of a set of adjustable straps equipped with carbines, universally applicable to every kind of character. The principle of training is one part of the body hanging in the straps, while the second part remains in contact with thewasher. The three basic principles of setting training intensity exercise can beadjusted according to each individual's performance. The combination of their ownbody weight and ridden angle to the ground and affects the resulting intensity ofexercise.


     Hanging training provides a new opportunity to build a natural functional strength and flexibility. The beneficial effect also on balance, coordination and stability of the body.Because it is based on the principle of TRX exercises with their own weight(percentage of applied load according to their sets each), the exercise is suitable for all levels of fitness. During exercise there is no restriction of movement and is able toabsolutely perfect full body workout. TRX is an effective and safe journey to your goals, whether the development of strength, range of motion, reduce weight orincrease general fitness.







TRX fully utilize the world of professional athletes, military and police forces, outdoorbootcamp centers and operators.