Stretching is an important part of good as well as strengthening the power of strengthening and cardio workout. Many women and men still stretching to strengthen not included. A common reason is lack of time, it is necessary to strengthen it after each find.

    Why is stretching important? If you believe that stretching is a mere waste of time, look at the most important benefits that you get if you plug it into your fitness program. Increased flexibility, increased range of motion, muscle looks better, less soreness, improve joint flexibility, increase blood and nutrient supply to the muscle tissue and increased ability to relax.
     The word comes from stretching stretching the English word, which means pulling or stretching. His place was found for both stretching peak, and even recreational athletes and should be an integral part of every workout.

Types of stretching:
There are many types of stretching. Among the most common offering you more detailed information

     This type of stretching consists of slow movements and comfortable stretching, which is always a short time without continuing down cushioning.
     This type of stretching uses mainly suspension and hmitání to stretch muscles beyond their normal range of motion. Implementation of this type of stretching can easily cause injury, especially if they do not have enough experience. It is therefore necessary to carry it carefully.
Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
     PNF is usually done with the assistance of a partner. Partner stretching when you provide the necessary resistance to the joint easier to get over an extended range of motion. Dragged muscle
 should then at least 20 seconds rest before you go further stretching.
     Many people think that dynamic stretching is the same as ballistic, which is not true. While using ballistic stretching can be reached in the joint range of motion, dynamic stretching involves swings arms or legs, to help achieve the level of joint range of motion. In other words, it is only a compromise, safely controlled movements.


      I try to explain (my clients) the importance of stretching to increase range of motion levels and prevent injuries. Sufficient and proper warm-up stretching reduces the risk of injury during training, whether in the gym, but also as a home exercise.Everyone must realize that the constricted muscles should always be enough to stretch and lengthen muscles and tendons.   



Before or after? Good time to time strečin is, until the muscles are still warm. If you are going to stretch before strengthening, you should first muscles during 5 to 10minute warm up and stretch before then. It is also important to perform stretching afterstrength training, when you can often entice stretching to strengthening completelyomitted. Stretching is also suitable between sets.

       And what if you find time to stretch up later? In a few hours longer muscles arecold and will not have such a benefit from stretching. It is always better to performstretching when the muscles are heated. If you have to stretch to make up a few hours later, be sure to first do a little warm-up and after stretching. During the warm-up is correct to sweat. Ideally, however, is really stretching to try to implement immediately after strength training, when the muscles are still warm. "