Exercise after childbirth

Exercise after childbirth

    Pregnancy and childbirth is difficult for a woman period and therefore deservesspecial attention. Regular exercise after childbirth can be very beneficial for you. Before jumping to any exercise, always consult your doctor. He knows your condition well and is able to guide you in the right direction. Your body has been exposed to stress and various changes over nine months, so getting back into shape will take several months. Listen to your body and most start slowly. Try todo more long walks nezařazujte definitely run! At the beginning, try to mainlybreathing exercises (lower and upper respiratory) and exercises to strengthenpelvic floor.

      Confinement, also professionally puerperium is called duration lasting exactly42 days after birth, during which creates a bond between mother and child, andher body is returned to its pre-pregnancy. In addition to functional and anatomicalchanges it is the time to heal wounds and postpartum changes and hormone levels in the mother's body, so are women in this period of very sensitive andvulnerable.
After the confinement is over, the woman should go to your gynecologist, whocomprehensively inspected. But if no confinement during any unforeseencomplications, it is necessary to seek medical attention immediately.


      Since the abdominal muscles were exposed to long-term "stretching" the flabby after childbirth. It's completely normal and even if you feel that you still look like a pregnant, your character will improve. Just be patient. Abdominal muscles can start solidifying simple exercises that can be done irrespective of the place where you can start with nacházíte.Na begin with exercises at the transverse abdominal muscle (transversus abdominis). It is a deep inner abdominal muscle. If you look at this muscle from above, looks like a belt that is around the navel. If it enhances, not only that your passport will be smaller, but also strengthen your lower back ..

Imagine that you want to turn to zip your jeans that are a bit small. Download the stomach, try pushing the navel towards the spine and hold for about 10 seconds.Relax and repeat about 3 minutes.

Pelvic floor:
How to "find" these muscles? These are the muscles that help you stop urinating.
- Stretch it and hold it tight for about 10 seconds. Slowly release. Repeat 10 times.
- Jack is short, fast intervals. Repeat 10 times.
Try to exercise 5-6 times per day. These exercises can be performed in standing, sitting or lying down. Kneel with hands on the ground. Relax the abdominal muscles. Without ohly back, pull the abdominal muscles in and hold for about 10 seconds. This exercise can be repeated within three minutes. Loosen and tighten, loosen, tighten ....

The positive impact of exercise after childbirth:
to stimulate blood circulation and prevention of thrombosis (blood clots in the arteries)

to accelerate uterine contraction and ensure its proper storage in a small pan positioning on the belly and pelvic floor muscle exercises

on strengthening the muscles that were weakened by pregnancy or overloaded and damaged during delivery, pelvic floor muscle exercises against incontinence (urinary bladder)

lactation to strengthen pectoral muscles isometric contractions.


How to choose a sporting activity after birth?


Keep in mind that your joints and tendons are stretched after birth and relaxed.Therefore, try to implement forms of exercise such as:
brisk walking
aqua aerobics
training with light weights

      Watch out also for stretching. And try to avoid exercise during which suddenlychanges direction. The only conclusion I repeat, be patient and do not try to putany strict diet. Start slowly. Light exercise and good diet to bring you the right direction. Beware of over-load! If you are still breast-feeding, and can occur within90 minutes after exercise in human milk is bad substances and lactic acid. Do noteven the means to accelerate the fat burning (L-Carnitine, etc.). Everything has a negative effect in breast milk. Before you exercise, do not forget public restrooms!

Examples of exercises
      Lie on your back, bent both lower limbs, upper limbs along the body - lift thebent leg to cross the belly and lift her arm, which lies flat on the inside of the knee.With knee and exhale push your hand against each other - there will be nomovement, just push - with belly breathing downloads. When highlighting the gapwill ease the pressure slightly and try to substantiate overballs ass or at least a small pad. Thus strengthening the oblique abdominal muscles. The number ofrepetitions and gradually increase the practicing both sides.

Discreet exercise in the sitting position, sitting at the table level and the tip of the fingers of one bases the bottom of the table top, with exhalation pushes the tips of the fingers up to the plate again, you should just feel bigger abdominal musclesclenched.
In addition, activated and back muscles and the muscles around the shoulder blades, while sitting on the ball, this exercise is more nutritious and so much more demanding.

Another exercise is already difficult, kneeling, kneeling and support the forearm, the head is an extension of the spine, exhale again try to bring your knees andelbows together, again without moving just clench.
It was the exercise that strengthens the abdominal wall completely, but also thepelvic floor.

      Strengthening the abdominal muscles is a direct challenge. Consistentlycareful not to diastasis exercise, if possible, or at least did not appearnezvětšovala. Separately strengthen the lower and upper abdominal muscles.Getting the top of the hardening of muscles, especially after operative childbirth.Again, we start in shortening muscle, from the beginning I recommend scotch asssmall pillow or ball inserted. Shorten the length of the straight abdominal muscle, which then better coordinate its work. In supine with bent dk sandbag ass and tryto exhale lift his head chin to chest. Fix spacing at least hands. later 

making longer stamina to face up - smooth breathing. Of course, we train the pelvic floor muscles. Meaningful exercises described in the book by Dr. George Marcus'Syndrome the coccyx and the pelvic
bottom. "


    The strengthening and stretching one. With a strong weakening of muscles, butneprotahujeme, just relaxation, prodýchání posilovaných muscles.

After birth, you should avoid exercise that is aimed at releasing the ligaments in the pelvis and hip joints. Do not practice or unilateral unožování and extreme ranges ofmotion in the hip joints. How will grow muscles, you increase the number of repetitions toning exercises you can do when you honestly odcvičit at least 3 sets of 15 repetitions (and keep the correct execution of an exercise) will only increase the difficulty of exercise.
      The above exercise is really only the most basic, and recalling that the individual should give you a plan to build a physiotherapist, or someone dedicatedto this issue. If your doctor tells you to exercise, ask why and consider all the pros and cons, if the spacing is really great and combined with a hernia, or otherwise, it is better to listen to the doctor.