It is a way to strengthen and general strength training. This type of exercise is different from the classical training at the gym. The basic difference between traditional fitness and gym for CrossFit is in the way of exercise. While going to the gym exercises focusing on specific muscle groups, is aimed at CrossFit fitness training, exercises, or strengthening the overall physical fitness.

     The term is called CrossFit methodology or approach to strength training. It isaimed to enable a muscle. The aim is to develop overall body strength, but agilityand speed. CrossFit is typical for variability. Trainings (workouts) are different foreach exercise. Individual training is a set of small number of exercises that are usually repeated several times in the series.
CrossFit: "Do as many different sports and exercises, and combine everything. Practice hard and fast. Every day some"


        CrossFit workout invented more than twenty years ago in the U.S. GregGlassman. This method is adapted to all, regardless of gender, age, weight orathletic skills. There is no typical CrossFit practitioner. They deal with the children and seniors, top athletes who want to improve their performance, as well asfirefighters or police forces and elite soldiers. (In the U.S. CrossFit centers on military bases)

      In America, CrossFit much greater than in our tradition and with a far greater number of fans. In the Czech Republic are currently only two licensed CrossFitcenter. But many gyms, where fans of this type of movement training exercisesbased on the same principle called functional training. Training can be virtuallyanywhere over traditional posilovnám not need any machine.

      Common exercises for CrossFit are push-ups, pull-ups, squats, sit-sit, jumprope, jumping on the bench, rowing, running, and another (the principal exerciseswith a load of the body).

    Included are features such as gymnastics or beyond endurance. As additional toolsare used trapeze, gymnastics rings, lighter dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebel, parallel bars, etc. The aim is to perform exercises very quickly, dynamically and coordinated! For the more difficult movements are used relatively small load, so that exercise can typically be twenty again. For example, conventional attacks can be performed with desetikilogramovým weights overhead. The use of relativelysmall loads (from 10% to 30% of maximum) with a focus on the dynamics has a good effect on increasing the speed of motion.

Differences with classical training in the gym:

o  The complexity of vs. isolation - in a normal gym and workout on the machines are trying to maximize muscle isolation, which was strengthening, and thus achieve the greatest effect of exercise, but it is not easy to vary the exercises and nepreferovat just some parts. In contrast, choose CrossFit exercises, which are involved in more body parts, and are still in one session in combination with other exercises (push-ups, squats, sit-sit).
o  Stamina - in CrossFit is done mostly just a training exercise, but which lasts from 20 to 50 minutes without a break, or with only the most urgent interruptions.While you are exercising at the gym mostly in short intense doses, between which there is sufficient time to recover.
the competition - always measured in what time can do given training. Not that one would not have to be racing with a friend, but they themselves acknowledge that you practice against the clock, pushing you forward. The point is that the timer is simple and easy to see improvement. Such exercise is fun. Achieve something similar in the gym usually means keeping a detailed diary of repetitions and weight etc.
o  The community - in CrossFitových gyms are usually people know so little environment looks like you practiced as a team. The board is listed as your time and exercising all other times. There are websites, which are offered training and discussions people write their achievements and performance times.
o  Coordination - exercises on machines in the gym or on the benches with dumbbells are essentially technically less demanding than typical CrossFitové exercises. It must perform properly deadlift, so that the person hurt is not easy.Then CrossFit is an exercise more difficult, in some ways more dangerous than a little workout in the gym. Therefore, anyone who practices CrossFit, was more interested in what, why and how to perform. If you can, so feel free to ask questions and get advice from more experienced.