World Class

08/06/2010 14:06

  The World Class fitness center is the human body is regarded as the true church andthat exercise is seen as something more than just a way to attractive shapes.

     World Class International is a leading European network of fitness centers offer a combination of top quality fitness equipment, user-friendly and secure services, andtraining sessions and warm, yet professional atmosphere. The World Class gymsoperate international coaches who will gladly help you find the best workout for your body processes - your sperm.

    The headquarters of World Class International chain is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and their establishment can be found throughout Europe and the MiddleEast. In Prague, located three World Class gym: luxurious World Class Health Academy is located in the heart of Prague and offers personal training, fitness,cardio, Schwinn cycling, swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, massage, solarium, andbabysitting. World Class Wenceslas Square is the largest fitness center in the World Class Prague with more than 1500 m2 on three floors and fresh energeticatmosphere. World Class Wenceslas Square offers individual and group lessons,gym, cardio, Schwinn cycling, sauna, massage, solarium and relaxation zone. The third branch is located right in the middle of one of Prague's business parks, makingit an ideal location for those who want to workout in the morning before they go to work, or in the evening after work. Fitness Center Chodov offers individual and grouplessons, gym, cardio, Schwinn cycling, sauna, massage and solarium. If you want the best care of your body, fitness center World Class are there for you.

    World Class is Europe's leading providers of top fitness and wellness services.World Class Company was founded in 1983 in Sweden, a leading Swedish athleteUlf Bengtsson, whose credo was to connect a fitness professional athletes strategywith the needs of modern living. Thus he became World Class from the verybeginning of the number one choice for those looking for high quality fitness services, mainly thanks to a modern and comfortable spaces, cutting-edge machines, greatcoaches and instructors and unmatched knowledge. Even professional athletestoday, consciously using World Class brand.


     World Class is now an extensive network of top health clubs operating in more than10 countries, which boasts 60,000 active members worldwide. Word Class Club is not for everyone: we are here for those who demand and appreciate theprofessionalism and high standard of service. Our main goal is based on an innovative approach, experience and luxury club atmosphere to create an environment that inspires all members of the World Class for achieving fitness goals.The combination of high quality fitness services and individual approach to the individual needs of our customers is for us absolutely typical feature of the concept ofWorld Class.