Tenisový loket

08/08/2010 18:52

     What is it? How is? How do I prevent it? And how do I treat it?

Small Czech encyclopedia austere definition states: 'Tennis elbow is a painfulsyndrome in the landscape of the external condyle of humerus. Very often occurs intennis players. Pains are gradually emerging in the later stages so strong that thevictim is not capable of certain movements
(turn the switch, keep the mug book, etc.). "
      Tennis elbow is an infectious disease tennis players, how could anyone believe.It's not inflammation, as we can judge by its Latin name epicondylitis of the humerus.Indicates so painful insertion of forearm muscle in various stages - from muscle painto irreversible changes in muscle tissue, muscle sheaths and tendons in the outerelbow. Very often a precursor tennis elbow problems with the cervical spine. These difficulties can cause anyone who is straining the upper limb, hand and forearm.Particular types of sports such as tennis, squash, badminton, but also hockey, shooting a pistol. But you can get tennis elbow and in the workplace. If you sit at your computer and your work is not well organized (inadequate height of the monitor orkeyboard, poorly placed mouse), you have problems with the elbow and cervicalspine brewing.


As tennis elbow be prevented?
     First of all, do not hesitate to invest in a coach. The coach will teach you proper technique strike will notify you in time for the right footwork and shows you how to specifically improve the physical fitness conditioning for your chosen sport. Coach or an experienced salesperson in a specialty store can help you with selection
em missiles, which are best suited for your game. Warming up, warming up and stretching a few minutes before the game are of course also part of prevention, which helps to keep the game a long time being.
And when it hurts?
     The pain appeared, therefore, choose a quick and effective means.
Led. The painful area, apply ice bag 10 minutes or frozen vegetables. At some venues have prepared a special hot-cold packs. For less developed states is immediate relief and quick. If you want to use cold spray, take care not to exceed the maximum application time.
Vapors of liquid nitrogen. Used at a temperature of - 166 ° C. Chilling it down to a depth of insertion of muscle and low temperature is due to the active and effective.When using the first-aid kits, however, requires the presence of medical specialists in the vicinity of courts.
What do the two-week rest period?
Visit the university-educated physician rehabilitation, sports doctor or physiotherapist. Examine not only your joints and adjacent muscles, but also check how are doing in relation to other parts of the body, especially the shoulder girdle and cervical spine. Determine whether there is sufficient local treatment of the elbow with targeted exercises, which should modify the resulting muscle imbalance.
Local treatment. There are two kinds of ointments with anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. One type contains the active substance on the basis of non-steroidal analgesics, which should penetrate to the muscle (Molilat, Mobilizin, Dolgit, Voltaren, emulgel, Etogel). The full therapeutic effect is achieved when you are sore muscles and lubricate every 3-4 hours. Otherwise, use only short-term calming effect. The second type of ointment is suitable only as a complementary therapy (Ketazon, heparoids, Viprosal). They contain herbs that are capable of painful place to cool briefly. They can also be used for local massage.
Tiles. These include local treatment. Best is Piessnitzův when wet tiles cover with a dry cloth or towel. Usually we keep two
 an hour. If you have time and want to intensify the treatment can be repeated several times a day.

Fuck a local anesthetic. Carry it to you physician specialist (for example, use Mesocain at a concentration of 0.5%). Relieves pain and improves the properties simultaneously irritated tissues. According to the discretion of the physician can fuck again. Fuck steroid (Kenalog, Di-prophos) is only to speed up treatment. Moreover, it can cause negative effects on muscle and ligaments of elbow joint, and therefore is not suitable.
Brace. It návlekového type device, which prevents full movement in the joint. It is recommended mainly for post-traumatic states - at regular tennis elbow does not use its meaning.
Neoprene sleeve. It is a suitable supplement therapy. But can not replace medical treatment. Use neoprene sleeve alleviate the sensation of pain and to play. It does not change, however, local conditions around the elbow, because mechanical overload persists and the consequences can be transferred from the elbow to the forearm and wrist.
Thermo-elastic bandage RIPP with a negative electric field of firm Koelbel creates joint and muscle bio-climate, which is warmed and the removal of moisture from the skin surface. After contact with skin bandage develops a negative electric field which extends deep into the joints. Considerably umírňuje elbow pain and faster treatment.
Massages. If your elbow is very painful, massage is inappropriate. Experienced masseuse may use a technique based on acupressure, which, though painful, but it will help you. In a situation of ongoing and successful massage therapy is a very good complement to her.
Drugs. In the form of tablets or by injection into a muscle affects the entire body, relieve pain, discomfort, but left untreated. They will help you survive an acute problem, but does not solve your problem.
Electrotherapy. The various forms of paid our health insurance. If the doctor indicates it as an adjunct therapy, it may make sense.
Acupuncture. Excellent supplement therapy. Releases muscle voltage, its effect will allow more economical and faster warm-up treatment. But it is not all-powerful - can not change the muscle imbalance and relationships between the joints. Decreases, however, their negative impact.
Chiropractic. The field of therapeutic areas and others like it (osteopathy, manual and musculoskeletal medicine or engineering Naprapathy) rarely can be successfully treated with right elbow area. However, they can significantly help to resolve relationships muscles elbow, forearm, shoulder and neck and biomechanical consequences of these relations in the cervical spine. Lets then increase the effect of local treatment of the elbow.