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   It exercises developed by Joseph Pilates more than 100 years ago. He was inspired by the ancient cultures. The aim is to interconnect and conscious interplay of bodyand mind. Exercise develops coordination, strength, balance, flexibility and breathing.Elaborates on the back, abdominal and gluteal muscles muscles as the basis of correct posture. The Pilates method is an exercise where body and soul are one unit.created is

Joseph H. Pilates (1880 - 1967) and is certainly interesting, it was very popular withdancers since the forties. Now the group "users" spread not only singers, physical therapists and rehabilitation workers, but recently, thanks to publicity spread in the fitness industry worldwide. It is suitable for all ages from children. It is a method offorming a cooperative body of the body and mind.

      During training, emphasis is placed on proper breathing, proper posture andconcentration on smooth and continuous movement - a combination of prior dowonders with your body. You will learn how to control the individual movements of his body.

     The Pilates is appreciated by precision execution of the exercises more than the number of repetitions. Proper breathing is essential and will help you perform theexercise with maximum force and effect. Finally, you correct breathing andconcentration exercise will help to eliminate stress and clears your head. ExercisesPilates Method of body build a strong center (the power house), which consists of the deep abdominal muscles along with muscles along the spine. Reinforcementcenter of the body reach zaktivněním torso, pelvis and shoulders.

      Many traditional exercise is based on lifting heavier weights and tend to produceshort, bulky muscles - ie. type most prone to damage. Pilates on the contraryextends and strengthens muscles, improves muscle elasticity and joint mobility.Fixed and flexible body has a lower probability of injury. Many other types of exercise tends to strengthen the muscles are still the same. This leads to the dominance of only a limited group of muscles and the remaining muscles remainflaccid. The result is muscular imbalance, which is often the primary cause of back pain and other injuries.
      Pilates strengthens the whole body, including ankles and feet. Individual lessonsare designed to be practiced all muscle groups. Muscle balance and stability of the body will help you fully enjoy your daily activities and sports. Many exercises aredone lying on the ground, or sitting and with only a light weight. Pilates is so safe, souse it for rehabilitation physiotherapists. Pilates is also very flexible system of exercises. Each exercise has several difficulty levels that can be customized foradvancement. Always begin at a level that you handle it without major problems ...everything is connected with the right design. For this exercise is not more difficult - better results.



"After ten hours, you'll feel better
after twenty hours, you'll look better,
Thirty hours after you have a new body. "(Joseph Pilates)

    Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in Germany in 1886. As a child suffered fairlyserious diseases - asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. He was weak and decided to intensify. In his effort was a success and a great diver, gymnast, skier and boxer.He began to be interested in the Eastern and Western forms of exercise, including yoga and ancient Greek and Roman regimens. During the first World War II he worked as a nurse. Lessons learned used to further develop his exercise techniquesand created a foundation for his unique style. After the war began training the Hamburg police force. In 1926 he emigrated to New York and opened his first Pilatesare Studio.

   Promoted physical harmony and balance the body through breathing control, flexibilityand vycentrovanosti.

Studio in New York attracted the attention of community dance and Pilates techniquehas become a fundamental part of dance training. The popularity of Pilates exercisestudio has grown and attracted the elite from all over America - including dancersstarted Pilates method as actors, athletes, golfers. All were attracted by the power of harmony between mind and muscle.
JH Pilates died in 1967 in New York and exercise did not leave even in advancedage.

"Good posture is only possible when you control the whole body." JHPilates