With Martin, I started training about three years ago. Jimmy I recommended him asthe best coach of the toilet. I thought that Jimmy Lilia lied, but wasnt. Martin is a greatcoach, working to educate himself, studying new things regularly and deliberatelychanged my training plans. The training has become fun for me and if I ever reallywant, so I go there just for him. Is punctual, tidy and highly appreciates thecoach-client relationship. It is absolutely impossible to get bounced somewhereduring training or telephone. The coach, which I had previously been a commonpractice. Notes, however, that it was in the toilet. Eventually, between me and Martindeveloped a friendship, but training, we still have a correct relationship. It is however,less formal, and I really look forward to every hour.

Jano Kriška



     My goal is to improve exercise conditioning, keep it and stick to proper diet,compared to negative full-time sedentary job, so my trainer Martin. Martin coachedme every week for 2 years and his training is always something new, interesting and have a sharp pace. Martin has never let me not to complete the series, the words "I can not" hear if, on the contrary I have always been motivated to stamina, and Ieventually always find (I) the strength to finish, I'm really talking to him. It is basedVersatile trainer with knowledge of physiology of the body, proper nutrition andexperience maseurs, which is often used during training. Finally, Martin is boredduring training, his stories and horseplay induces early on a friendly atmosphere thatmotivates her well in practice and time "torture" so far passed pleasantly.

 Josef Valter



     With Martin I met when I have trained with another trainer, Martin and his career was just beginning. I watched him at practice sessions and I am impressed by his style and individual approach to clients. After a few weeks, I asked him if it also trains theindividual, the word gave the word, and I became one of his first client. It's been a littleover four years and still surprises me that even after this time, his workouts arealways interesting and challenging. From his training, you will realize that trained himtalking (constantly comes up with new ideas) and it's actually more of a hobby than work. Each workout is "tailored" and even if does not know words such as, slowly,gently, I, etc. .... you can always pull out the maximum and even at that and laugh. Hisworkouts are my charge, but also relaxation, to which after a hard day of workforward. Martin in the period during which he was known, became the onlyprofessional in his profession but also my good friend. If you are really interested intraining with a coach, you want to not only enjoy, but also to achieve their goals, andMartin is your coach.

Pavlína Kučerová



     Martin was my coach one year. Personally, I chose to because he very quicklyunderstood what approach is needed to choose my personality. He was able to adapt very quickly. At first I was a little worried whether this sudden surge of physical activity can do it. But after a very short time I understood that it is precisely this need.Necessary physical activity and a coach who is incredibly motivating and professional. Martin approaches to training so that you get the best with regard to your weaknesses but also strengths. Explain each exercise and constantly supervisethe exercise was performed correctly. Vždyma encouraged to complete each repetition. His sense of responsibility, purposefulness, and a huge dose of naturalcharm made ​​him my good friend.

Ingrid Železniková 



     I worked with Martin over a two year period when my body was tired, stiff, sore, inflexible and needing some major adjustment.  Martin knew exactly what I needed and how to go about the process of mending many years of my own benign neglect!  Much to my own amazement, Martin was able to produce a better level of fitness and flexibility in me.  I am now living back in the United States, but I continue to use Martin's methods and techniques in my current fitness regimen, (although it is clearly not the same as working with someone who is able to push me and coax me towards maximum performance!)  Even now, I continue to recruit my former colleagues to take a step in their own fitness by working with Martin.  He is simply the best, and his reputation can now officially be viewed as international in scope!

Stephen Booth 



     Martin is educated Versatile trainer with very good knowledge of anatomy andphysiology of the human body. Not only that, but an overview of nutrition andmetabolism, it highlights the coaching leader in Prague. It takes account of my options, fully recognizes the hidden strength and endurance, which is extremelyimportant to avoid maximum exhaustion and prevent unnecessary or low power.Martin is informed about all news and revolutionary discoveries of the world's Fitness,which is familiar with in depth so that they can immediately apply. He is very active in training, great support during exercise can expect constant assistance.

Tomáš Pražák



     With Martin, I began training at the very beginning of his professional coachingcareer. In 2007, I already had experience with a variety of professional coaches andunfortunately I also had the most negative, the longtime experienced coach is alreadysomewhat tired and bored with constantly recurring problems in their practices andpractitioners :-( (Martin I had gained principally in its commitment , enthusiasm andmotivation that is so typical of every novice trainer. Then I thought that maybe in 2-3 years will be Martin next coach bored and I need to have to replace it :-)) I am so happy that even after 4 years attend regular training sessions at the Martin full of energy, which is able to transmit to me. In addition to this gift that has some innate, is constantly improving the various types of exercise and concluded in an experiencedprofessional trainer. Each workout is different, never repeated as boringspreadsheets, etc. It is able to adjust training as necessary during its course, responds to my current physical condition. It will be certainly interesting to see wherethat Martin in his profession tighten.

Michaela Meisterová



     Martin is truly a great coach - at the beginning we set goals and along a path that will lead to their fulfillment. Every two months ran regular evaluation and response to the situation in the form of amendment of the objective, or new measures or a trainingplan. One easily sees the development or clear reasons why defined objectives to be reached.

     I admit that Martin is my third coach for more than 2 years who regularly train andapproach geared to specific targets with regard to the individual needs of the client ismost suitable for me. In addition, no compassion, and "forcing" you work hard - butthe result is rewarding.

Petr Jindra



     Martin prepares a varied and most comprehensive training. Far from being a grossweight and strength. It is clear to me that Martin of yourself in every workout I get a lot more than I ever could myself in the gym. And when workouts are balanced, the results are not only visible, but also feel.

 Robert Pavlů



     Sports and life as a former athlete racing when I was accustomed to constant andtireless hard work, I welcomed the exercise with a trainer. The coach itself is not onlya good mentor how to perform an exercise, not an expert of your anatomy andphysiology, but also a good buddy that you could vyhecovat the demandingworkouts, even though many times you want. And that's all what I had 5 years with Martin, my trainer, she found. Despite my long experience with various coaches,Martin is one of those where the workouts with him very forward and consider theman important part of my digestion, so little free time. In addition, I appreciate that she continues her education and new forms of exercise after attempting to apply theirlearning immediately with regard to my physical capabilities. Which everyone has a varied workout and therefore not boring. In return for your self from every training session I bring home satisfaction that in addition to his work, also doing somethingfor themselves. His coach would really like to recommend to everyone - beginners, advanced and most demanding sports enthusiasts. But I am afraid that it will soonhave a full program so that we satisfied wards, we can find a free hour to trainingdue to the utilization of our coach-Martin JA and wish him to have such a lot of satisfied trainees and already I'm looking forward to give me back the next week "to the shirt." sports Hail

Marie Ranišová



    With Martin I train twice a week and hours with him are not only challenging and professionally managed, but especially an extremely effective and fun. I appreciatehis holistic approach - to help in determining the real (rather modest) goals, nutritioncounseling, alone compilation and management training. Complies with me a widescope of his professional who provides a wide variety of exercises and workouts. A separate chapter is then Martin's ability to get me to practice a maximum of whose existence I had no idea JMartina as a personal trainer I recommend to all whoappreciate quality, flexibility and unprecedented move on goal, all in combination with high professionalism and cheerful, friendly personalities.


Jitka Basová



     Over the last few years I have worked with a variety of trainers in Central & Eastern Europe/Russia. Martin and I have trained together for over a year now and he is by far the best. Why? I find our training sessions enjoyable but get results! He is constantly changing our session so there is never a chance to get bored or into a dull routine. We get on well so conversation while I try to catch my breath is easy and light hearted. Martin is doing a great job on his part of the deal, the challenge is for me to resist the Czech beer and food more often! I have no hesitation recommending Martin as a personal trainer to anyone

Martin Scott



     Martin is enthusiastic and full of ideas, constantly improves and deepens their education. Training with him is fun, even though most of it is very difficult.

Libor Basl 



     I have worked under Martin’s direction on and off for the past 4 years. During my 15-year career as a world-class swimmer (European Championships finals, World Cup finals, US Open finals, Czech national records and titles, etc.) I have trained with a significant number of personal trainers both in Europe and in the United States where I swam for the #1 ranked U.S. swim team for 5 years. Martin is definitely the most effective conditioning and body-sculpting trainer I have ever worked with. He is able to design the practices to achieve desired results surprisingly quickly, and has a wide-ranging knowledge that includes not only conditioning and muscle strengthening but also physical therapy. Case in point: I recently had a painful shoulder injury for which I was being treated in the U.S. for over 2 months with no signs of improvement. After my return to Prague, Martin recommended a set of exercises that left my shoulder 100% pain-free in 2 weeks. I am definitely not one to rush to the gym with excitement but Martin makes each practice enjoyable by changing the routine and also by his great personality that combines encouragement, motivation and fun. Regardless what one’s goal is, I definitely recommend to have Martin guide the way.

Marek Raniš




     There are many different kinds of trainers and it is rare to be able to find a trainer who has all the qualities you look for to be motivated in achieving your training goals. I was one of the lucky few; Martin is an incredibly talented and inspiring trainer who allows you to show your maximum potential. With him you won’t ever feel neglected because he always puts his best in each and every training session, which motivates you to do the same if not more. What I found unique was his ability to construct a training plan according to the exact needs of an individual. Going to train is no longer a tedious routine but a challenging and motivating time, during which Martin will make sure you are absolutely drained, tired and sweaty, but you will love it and will definitely never regret it.

Min Kim



     If you want a wide variety of exercises and developing multiple muscle groups at once, so Martin is your man. Training that will nezevšední because every time youpractice a different set of exercises. Stretching for everyone, regardless of the degree of immobility and physical flexibility. You will be aroused to the performancethat you're not alone no one to reach one hundred. Forget about complicatedexercise machines, you will mainly train with your body. This is a big advantage -additional training in addition you can enjoy anywhere ...

 Vladimír Münz



  With Martin practicing for two years. It is reliable, helpful, entertaining, so even thoughmy whole body hurts, so I laugh at that))). Very helped me get back in shape after myfirst pregnancy. When I was pregnant again, I practiced almost until birth, and I feltunder his very well-maintained and safe. Perhaps because both of my births took place quickly and smoothly. When I practice with him, I feel that exercise is muchmore intense and it is for me to contribute more than if I were in the gym "slapping"herself. Martin recommend to all who want to really sweat, but also fun.

Iva Zahradníčková



     To Martin, I got a few years ago from another coach. Although the other methods, we quickly found common ground. Martin I gradually created several training plans toexercise without it. When we have a joint-hour workout, let me breathe and trying tomake me do all the exercises in the numbers that you planned. This is my účennějšíthan separate ninety-minute workout. In doing so, with him in the time betweenexercise fun.

Marek Holtman



   Many times I was wondering whether to try exercising with a trainer to show me whatexercises are good for slimming problem areas and staying in shape. In practice Iwatched Martin works with his clients. And now I am practicing with Martin for two years and I am extremely happy. Based on my expectations of my Martin prepares a personal training, in which the self always get the maximum, which I myself was notable to. When occasionally I'll get out of the mouth, "I can not", so I kindly answeredMartin, "so three times." And never wrong. I can always, and I'm proud of myself. And the results? I feel great, problem areas are slimmer and I am in shape. Martinrecommend to all who want to get in shape, see results and training to spend time with someone who is really worth it. You will not regret it.

Bára Svobodová



     Martin is a strict, determined and dedicated trainer, but his training results are efficient and successful. He is very versatile and knowledgeable in many exercise forms, nutritional advices and general health recommendations for every person's individual needs. But best of all, he is a good and reliable friend.

Igor Kudrnovsky



     Martin, I chose because, after several years of intensive and regular exercise alone, I wanted to move to the next level. Like any former top athlete, I had experienced"their" exercises, and I dare say that without Martin I was on the same. Martin drivesme through training and by incorporating innovative features into our training hoursbasically opened my eyes as I began to discover and subsequently exercises the muscles in the body, which I appreciated even though I've basically during thetraining sessions did not know. During training runs, and the frequent incitementMartin reaches that of myself I always maximum. The group training sessions may not be meaningful to write much because of its Boot Camp will be for a while asfamous all over Prague. I think Martin's approach today is unique because it reallytrained, not only vain talk. Now to think of it, so I thought I knew Martin very happy because I found it not only a super coach and training partner, but also the greatman.

David Svoboda



     Exercise in the fitness center is actively engaged for three years. Personally, I knewat that time three instructors and Martin are among the best. We spend two hours a week together for a year and I must admit that for every hour is Martin preparedexercises changes every training is in fact only once. Exercise with Martin's dynamicload set at peace, it is consistent, the number of times he stands, even when I running out of power, must be complete. Constantly monitors and corrects the properimplementation of exercises, proper breathing, posture. Performs periodic measurements, which evaluates and compares with the previous measurement. His approach is very professional and also has extensive experience in sports medicine, which is not the extent of trainers fitness centers are common. Martin Kochta is simply awesome.

Ilona Pašková



     I have been training with Martin for the past 5 months and my objective was to improve my overall fitness level and to lose some excess kilos!! So far my fitness has definitely improved and I have lost about 10kgs.

     I was initially impressed by the way Martin started our training - Martin firstly discussed with me what I wanted to achieve and why, and then he tested my fitness level, flexibility and overall condition. Martin then designed a training plan which included "mini goals" and targets. Each month we check my progress with a series of measurements and exercises to assess my fitness improvement - this sets a challenge to aim for each month.

     Each training session is different which adds variety to each session. Martin is very professional but at the same time he has a relaxed style and personality, he is easy to communicate with and he clearly enjoys what he does. This motivates me to get to the gym and once there the training is challenging, but a lot of fun (with Martin as a trainer he gets 20%-30% more out of me compared to when I am in the gym by myself!!). 

     I was referred to Martin by my colleagues and without Martin's involvement I certainly would not have achieved what I have over the past 5 months. I would recommend Martin to anyone who is interested in getting fit and staying in shape - he is by far the most effective trainer I have experienced.

Paul Stewart



     The trainer Martin's hands, I got two years ago, after many futile attempts to dosomething with myself. After two children I was very rounded, back pain plagued me, and rather poor or no condition. On the basis of regular consultations andmeasurements for me, Martin compiled an interesting variety of customized training.Under Martin's professional and human approach, which allowed me to reduce weight, reduce back pain and significantly improved physical condition, many thanks!

Petra Pilařová




      I work with Martin twice a week for more than two and a half years. At the very beginning I thought that the main reason why a coach, you learn a few routines, which will later be able to train longer alone without any assistance coach. Martin never gave me a chance to finish because for several months, without knowing my "limited" images of the exercise, each attended the training with new combinations and new formations and exercises of varying difficulty, with increasing time increased. I also realized that equally important role of coach is to motivate you to exercise and enjoy long you stayed with him.
     This is Martin's forte. Martin enjoying himself immensely training, you feel for him is not "just" works. Thus you can tremendously "fool" and squeeze in your performance that you would never expect from each other. The condition, which I took during that time, benefit today in all other sports, which I attend. A training long ago for me is not just pure and simple set of exercises, but fun, to which is always looking forward. The bandwagon I have not failed to get out and do not intend to act.
Peter Guth


     The Martin I got through my daughter, because nearly all his life in sport and I'm pretty active, my body looks after it. Hockey is playing from an early age now, are you on your body whether you like it or not sign it. Strhanými ligaments in the knee, despite a few missing teeth, to be in my case cracked tendons in the shoulders, where the situation got to the stage where I could not even move in reverse and backing peaceful sleep without pain, I could onlydream of. The other activities, such as only making a submission in tennis - bottom,simply because not lift his hand to the inability to load the bikes on the car (to resolve purchasing a tow bar carriers J) ending.

      With Martin, I started going to the gym, where I was intensely devoted to moldand exercises so as to strengthen the surrounding muscles on my problem areas.
      It hurt and I must say that much. Then came a change and I started going twice a week for an hour by organized Bootcamp, this exercise not only excited me by theirvariety and dynamism, but also what change happened with my health problems and has been for half a year, is incomprehensible to me.
      Although he often during exercise in the spirit of the despots and revile saďourů,but I can and ultimately to other vyhecovat really honest and meaningful exercise.With its clearly presented knowledge prepared by the hour so thoughtfully to whatgot us into the best physical condition and eliminate potential health problemswhich, without the deep understanding of the anatomy of the body, exercise andmany other practices and other knowledge and information can not be.
And the fact that thanks to him do not have to již scheduled operations arms is for me personally is the highest ranking of his work.

Václav Kroutil



   I started training with Martin based on the recommendations of a number of colleagues.  Having never been a fan of gyms in the past I must say that Martin has really changed my view. After years of very inconsistent exercise and some recurring health problems I have found training with Martin to really make a big difference.  In only 3 months I managed to lose about 10 kilos and build general fitness and strength.  His approach keeps me motivated by developing my program in line with improvement in my fitness. I really enjoy our sessions and strongly recommend Martin as a coach.

Glen Lonie 



     3x and die:) With Martin train for 3 years and it is my trainer 3. And as they say, theThird time lucky, even the best! I'm not going to tell you that after two pregnancies I look better than ever before.

     But it helped me to return after giving birth to their original condition and we continueon in our goals, we have put together. Ps: Girls, and yet all this is nice:)

Jana Vacková



     When I was reading a reference Martin, I thought, how much of it probably is true. In retrospect I am glad that I did in collaboration with Martin released. Not that everything I read was true, but in addition, exercise overall experience. Trainings areimaginative and actually rarely happens that I knew what to expect and I've neverbeen bored.

      For about three months training with Martin because I exercise and diet treatmentand lost weight 17.5 kg, and "jumped" muscles where I chtělJ Although I sometimes feel it when it "torture" shoot, but it bears fruit in the form of muscle:) In addition, by exercise, I also got rid of back pain that I be linked by approximately 12 hours a dayat the computer. Do not understand it well enough, but I also exercise due to 1 cmabove:) So I highly recommend Martin.

Adam Nosek



     Martin is a professional in every way. As a personal trainer I highly recommend it.Training with him is difficult, but very effective. You could say that with my time spentin the gym really fun even though sometimes I have to overcome major barriers to the fact that I developed some movement. J especially appreciate his individualapproach to clients, punctuality, and his ability to get the most out of me.


 Pavla Kocíková



     Martin is a concept! At regular intervals we see J and I'm working on the boot-campfor about a year. Hours are colorful, innovative (fakt!) and every time, whether or not tojust want to (one of us will understand), forces the issue of myself ... and it mostusually one of us protesting and not subjectively. Can clearly define the target, whichis basically half the battle already. It's a coach who pushes you to where yousomehow imagine that you could be. Something like Diesel, motivating drive thatstirs the ever better results. And it's a good guy. Fact!

Michal Dejmek



     With my future coach I met by chance at a promotion in which I had from Mr. Kochta measure the fat in the body. If you do not want to be in the near future health problems, I strongly recommend "something" you begin to do. Even though I'm notfans of the gym, I put on his recommendations and I started under the guidance of hiscoach put the body in order. Here are the results after exercise, at first 1, then 2 times a week. I lost weight at the waist by about 8 cm. Ceased to hurt me back. My physicalcondition is much better, as I can as I used to ski all day to the fullest. And without the gym have a life I can not imagine. Results forcing me to keep!

Jirka Coufal



     Martin is not only a great coach, but also an inspiring person with a greatunderstanding of human weaknesses, joys and sorrows. Training with him is fun, yetalways up-consuming. It is a great motivator, his training methods are sophisticated,also brings to each training exercise a new element. When training with him, neverbored. It follows the latest global trends and the best of them like to apply in theirpractices. His method of explaining to clients happy and ready to adapt training plansto their specific requirements. Exercise with Martin for me is undoubtedly a great asset and I recommend it to everyone. Martin I appreciate not only as coach but also as a man, and I am honored that I can work with him.

Petr H.



     With Martin I train over a year and I would like recommend him. I like his approach to practice and understanding of my problem. By constantly measuring whether body weight,physical condition of the device InBody, or only continuous measurements on variolcardio machines (running, rowing, ..) motivates me to better and better results, for which I am glad. Martin is more and more educated and expanding your horizons,experience and knowledge, so training with him are never boring.

Ellen Moré



     Sport I love all my life (aerobics, yoga, dance, squash, skiing, biking, climbing ...),the age of 21 I went through the hands of several coaches and two trainers. Always the same problem occurred, quickly take up the muscle of the coaches areexcited though, but I wanted to take on the perimeter, not the opposite, which hasalways happened. When my good known for a year sang odes to his coach, so I was skeptical, but he wanted to prove to me that Martin is really a leader in its fieldand training so I arranged with him. Already after the first few exercises, I knew thatmy friend was right and yes, this is the "Mr." coach.

      Each session was different, Martin has always come up with new exercises thatmy muscles were pretty vyrýsovat and overall character shape, he knew exactly whatto me. I also liked the professional approach to feedback control what we are making progress - Martin I measured in a special unit ratio of fat and muscle in the body, my weight and my figure shot before workouts. When I mentioned that I alsosuffer from cellulite, and willingly I immediately offered to send me a detox treatment.Ongoing research, Martin is a pleasant surprise for me in the perception ofcoaching work, which I doubted from previous experience. It is always veryconsistent, even if you already have a feeling that can not do more exercise, saddog eyes to try it, it will help you relief scales and last shots you can handle and youjust feel great that you managed it together! The training involves elements Flowin, Pilates ... so the clock is varied. Martin is a nice, smiling, "partner" in shaping your character!

Klára Červinková



     With Martin we practice the boot-camp for several years. Each time, however, these exercises look forward "as the first." And like Martin always first then the next day"curse" with every movement J. Exercise under the guidance of Martin's are great, innovative, able to inspire and stir us to maximize performance. Thanks to thisexercise is incredibly effective and efficient. Who do you work-out with Martin, he knows what I mean ...
Martin simply chose the profession to which is great.

Ladislav Tylšar



    I always thought it was impossible for me, I worked out that will not turn on pants.Every time a new tape I had to do a dozen extra holes to be at the wrong time to even nevhodnějším site showed only in shorts. I found a solid, but sedentary job andspend more time there than was healthy. In 4 years I have gained almost 30 poundsof muscle and it really had little part. Pre-I say that in that time I was so lazy that soloattempts to improve my lifestyle regarding fitness and figure were not successful.With Martin, I met quite by accident, unconsciously, that has something to do with fitness.

      It is positively tuned type of person that works nicely, and after the first fewminutes you feel you know each year. It was important for me and really, why I juststarted practicing with ním. I didnt exactly know what by his training and I expect I waspleasantly surprised, unpleasantly. Flawlessly joint personal and professional approach to having fun while you slowly dying everywhere actually everything:) I workwith Martin over a year and it really is trainer at a high level. His vast repertoire of exercises and is always coming up with something new. It involves such elements ofPilates and other exercises for other types of diversity and greater efficiency. It has a really passion for fitness, active matures, consult with the course of lékaři.V Istrongly torn ligaments in my ankle and shut off the workout time. But not Martin andhis subsequent treatment and its wonderful adaptation to my health, I now hardlywalk, get up with a backache and I do not need your favorite holes in the tape fromkalhot.Martin Kochta is really a man at the right place and very much I appreciatethat I can train with him and I am very glad that I met a great friend.

Michal Vorel



     Focus on performance variability styles, personal and responsible approach, but also great fun and relaxation - that's why I work with Martin for four years. The aim of regularly varied styles of Martin eliminates essentially all monotónost training andmotivating a person to the next performance. A dynamic approach to trainingallows you to attend "bezbolostně" physically very demanding hours. The result is the corresponding performance and feel of a job well done.

Michal Dušek



     Martin, in my case it succeeded, what has so far no one is to break down my resistance of gym. Can do any exercise other than the one before andarranged for his approach that I was even looking forward to the gym, which for mehas always been inconceivable. His services can only recommend and believethemselves to be in the future will use again.

Kateřina Smejkalová



     Thanks Martin, I found a reason to go to the gym. Without it, for me it was always a bit of lost time, but after a couple of very heavy training sessions, which I myself did not manage even half I have to admit that the exercises with this guy worth it. In short, after every workout, I feel a little better again and just wonder what forces one :-)
Jaroslav Vavera
     I work with Martin about two years. The main objective is to reduce weight. From childhood I had a tendency to obesity, but with the passing years thanks to sedentary work at a computer problem began to exceed the tolerable limits.
Martin always chooses a balanced exercise, which, while a man gets tired, but not destroy. The exercises are varied, with a combination of exercises with your own body, utensils and tools. To this is added and cardio.
So far I managed to remove about 15 pounds and I hope it will continue. A side effect is, of course, increase fitness.
But Martin is not only a good coach, but also a friend, so we can be ready to discuss during training and a lot of different things.
Jaromír Pilař
     Martin's coach, whom I can really recommend, especially for two reasons. The first reason is that Martin is moving on professionally, tracking new trends and innovations in the field, as a result, the exercise can change frequently, so it is more efficient and enjoyable. The second reason is the fact that Martin has his work really very happy, so it is able to transfer his enthusiasm to you. Martin is very consistent in training, so training with him are very effective. Physically, I've never been in greater shape than when I work with Martin. In addition, it is very nice and positive person.
Teresa Židlická
     Martin is the best coach, what I can imagine, at the same time a great professional and a perfect man. It has excellent knowledge and experience and therefore is able to effectively build a training plan for peace. Individual training is always perfectly prepared, always fully devoted only to the client. I never thought that I liked to go to fitness centers, and I am surprised that I enjoy exercise and always look forward, you come up with Martin again. Trainings are always a lot of "maintenance", so the results are great.      Martin helped me get in shape after the second birth, and for that I thank him. However, the most important thing for me is that I exercise too much fun and become part of my life that I do not have to give up.
Blanka Říhová
     Until recently, I went to train myself, I was actually such a self-taught and quite suit me. But after a while I began to feel that planned results are not coming at all, that I practice constantly the same exercises in the same game. When I mentioned it to the circle of friends, so I was advised to try at'si arrange training with Martin, who is willing to advise not only how to exercise, but also to diet.

     Since I did not know what to expect from it, I thought that one workout and will try to do :) At our first meeting, I was very pleasantly surprised not only Martin's attitude, knowledge, and style but they are trying to meet their clients . Able to find a style of exercise that suits each of us and we are able to handle.

     My training was not the last, I work with Martin for over half a year and I'm really happy and I especially enjoy it. And for that I thank him.

Martin is a true professional, has a great attitude, who is willing to do anything, I highly recommend Martin.
Andrea Baslová
     In the beginning I had certain reservations towards a personal fitness trainer as I believed that self-disciplined training routine would suffice to maintain a good shape and condition. My perception completely changed after I met Martin and had the chance to train with him for a couple of months. He is truly capacious, dedicated, reliable and creative with an absolute focus on every single client. Working with him is always a pleasure and produces results that I had not expected before. Martin cares about every single aspect of training methodology and nutrition using his fundamental and extensive knowledge. Martin is not only an excellent coach but also a great personality. I would always recommend him to anyone that is motivated to work on himself.

Marcus Schulz



       I began training with Martin in January 2012. I was in decent shaped when we started, but training with Martin as a personal trainer a couple of times a week really makes a big difference.
He is very knowledgeabe about training methods, and he makes sure that every training is different and entertaining. Despite the high pace of our training sessions there is also time for some conversation, which makes for a fun hour spend in the gym, while getting (or staying) in excellent shape.
     We focus especially on core strength training, and back muscles. The added strength has really helped and improved my golf game. I am really swinging for the fences these days. All considering I can highly recommend Martin as a dedicated, professional and fun trainer!

Jan Pieter Postmus



      With Martin I started training a few months ago, but in that short time I realized that Martin is a professional in place. Since the day devoted to golf training we focused on the stability and flexibility of the whole body, but also the strength exercises. With golf I have knee problems and that my handicap Martin adjusts all workouts. Trainings are great fun and also a man with a good sweat.

       In these few months when I'm under Martin's supervision, I visibly improve in golf, but also in my body are visible results. Martin I highly recommend as a coach, his cheerfulness, optimism and desire to work hard you really whipped up a great performance.












Adam Rajmont