Bc. Martin Kochta

Personal trainer, nutritional consultant and massage therapist

Tel.:  732 711 450           


ID: 76085023


Adress facilities:

World Class Health Academy

V Celnici 10
117 21 Praha 1


World Class Wenceslas Square

Václavské nám.22

110 00 Praha 1

World Class at the Park

V Parku 2308/8

148 00 Praha 4


Fitness Týn

Týnská 19

110 00 Praha 1




11/11/2011 10:24
  Vibram FiveFingers shoes Gloves provide a unique alternative to standard conventional footwear. Vibram FiveFingers shoes Gloves provide natural conditions for developing healthy feet and the shoes are totally unique. And both with respect to the original style, and the...

Boot camp

11/11/2011 10:17
     Boot Camp is a dynamic, team-, outdoor / indoor fitness program really suitable for anyone. This is one of the most effective solution, as you in a very short time, significantly improve the physical and mental condition. Boot camp is suitable for both men...


21/10/2011 23:35
     Stretching is an important part of good as well as strengthening the power of strengthening and cardio workout. Many women and men still stretching to strengthen not included. A common reason is lack of time, it is necessary to strengthen it after each...

Functional training

30/07/2011 19:35
     Functional training is actually the opposite of exercise on isolated machines. It comes from the rehabilitation and use it, parents playing with children, as well as eliteathletes in...


30/07/2011 18:34
     Kettlebell or girja (Russian гиря) is a traditional Russian cast iron dumbbell-like view of cannonball with a handle. It is used as training tools to gain strength, fitness and lose body...


30/07/2011 17:08
   It exercises developed by Joseph Pilates more than 100 years ago. He was inspired by the ancient cultures. The aim is to interconnect and conscious interplay of bodyand...

Outdoor training

23/01/2011 22:39
     Enjoy a cardio workout outdoors   Leave the gym and enjoy a cardio workout outdoors!       Bored with your strength in the gym? He wants a change? Or a good...


08/08/2010 19:26
     Body mass index, usually abbreviated to BMI (from the English body mass index) is the number used as a measure of obesity, allowing static comparisons of people with different height. The index...

Tenisový loket

08/08/2010 18:52
     What is it? How is? How do I prevent it? And how do I treat it? Small Czech encyclopedia austere definition states: 'Tennis elbow is a painfulsyndrome in the landscape of the...

World Class

08/06/2010 14:06
  The World Class fitness center is the human body is regarded as the true church andthat exercise is seen as something more than just a way to attractive shapes.      World...
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